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Mf302 Electric Spark Double Side Sharpening Machine
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Mf302 Electric Spark Double Side Sharpening Machine

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Product description

Double side sharpening

MF302 EDM double side sharpening machine is a machine tool with unique design concept. The machine adopts seven-axis CNC and double-head design, which can realize the double-edged edge of PCD circular saw blade and CNC discharge grinding.


Automatic turning electrode

The automatic turning function of the electrode during the machining process is automatically compensated according to the amount of turning after the turning, so as to avoid the inaccurate machining accuracy caused by the electrode loss during the machining process.


CNC tooth picking

CNC tooth picking technology greatly reduces non-machining time and improves indexing accuracy.


Powerful standard configuration

※High-power rigid precision grinding head·

※Seven CNC axes, double grinding head design

※Pneumatic presser foot for stable sawing

※The saw blade is equipped with a variable diameter sleeve, which is simple and economical.

※The manual slide expands the application space of the machine tool, which can process small ※saw blades and large saw blades. Achieve the function of cutting in the turning process, avoiding copper chip short circuit

※The pneumatic system ensures a stable process.

※The drive system consists of Panasonic AC servo motor, PMI precision ball screw and precision linear guide to ensure precise positioning. Automatic lubrication system

※Use low cost copper electrode wheel


Control System

※Seven-axis CNC, better sharpening quality

※Upgraded drive technology is powerful and reduces non-machining time Configuring electronic handwheel

※Adaptive adjustment of airspeed and processing speed

※Fast advance and retreat, accurate and reliable motion positioning

※Processing power-off save/restore function

※The machining of the teeth can be interrupted in one cycle

※One-time loading, one-time forming

Machine parameter


X, Z axis travel

60x 60  mm

VI, V2 axis travel

40x40  mm

W, U axis travel

70x 70  mm

Manual slide travel

200 mm

E-axis to the axis of rotation

 -15 degree to +15 degree

X, B, VI, V2, U, W axis resolution

1 um

E-axis resolution

0.1 degree

Saw blade machining accuracy

< 0.03 mm

Discharge efficiency

0.1 mm/min

Sharpening efficiency

220 min

Cutting edge finish

Ra0.4 um

Machine noise

< 78db

Putting point efficiency: It refers to the test data of the 10mm PCD strip workpiece produced by the 7mm wide PCD layer thickness of 0.5 element six or SFD.

Sharpening efficiency: It is a sharpening of the sides of the PCD saw blade with an outer diameter of 300X72 teeth. The unilateral removal amount is 0.2mm processing time. (PCD tooth 6x3.2x2mm)

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