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Mx402 Electric Spark Tip Sharpening Marching
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Mx402 Electric Spark Tip Sharpening Marching

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Product description

Saw blade tip sharpening

MX 402 EDM top sharpening machine tool is a unique design concept developed for PCD saw blade top sharpening and grinding equipment. The boring machine adopts five-axis numerical control and multi-stage weekly speed grinding head, which can realize CNC electric discharge machining of various tooth type PCD circular saw blades.

Self-developed control system

It adopts advanced industrial grade calculation, LCD touch screen, genuine WINDOWS CE operating system, combined with self-developed fill-in-place humanized design of EDM sharpening five-axis CNC software to control the machine tool.

Automatic turning compensation

The process can set the electrode wheel loss in advance, and the turning compensation is compensated in the process. All the operation process is not only convenient and quick, but also effectively improves the precision of the saw blade. The multi-tooth tool force can be used without manual operation. The sex is automatically completed.

Quick and easy operation

The toothed library is rich and has extended functions, and the sharpening is simple, which minimizes the difficulty of operation. There is no need to adjust the tooth pitch and base thickness, and it has the function of skipping.

Machine parameter

The power supply and intelligent discharge gap control system adopts the innovative PCD special energy pulse generator to strictly control the pulse width and pulse gap of the actual discharge, reduce the electrode loss, and make the surface of the flying machine uniform. The intelligent discharge gap control system can be combined. Improved pulse utilization to an optimum state further increases processing efficiency, accuracy and finish. During the machining process, the user performs NC programming according to the actual needs, and the automatic machine starts the machine tool and can automatically process according to the electrical parameters and depth of the rough, medium and fine machining set by the operator.

Machine parameter


X/Y/Z axis travel

100X100X60 mm

C axis to the axis of rotation

 +/-45 degree

E-axis to the axis of rotation

0-30 degree

Manual slide travel

150 mm

X.Y.Z axis resolution

1 um

C, E axis resolution

0.001 degree

Saw blade machining accuracy

< 0.03 mm

Discharge efficiency

0.1 mm/min

Cutting edge finish

Ra0.4 um

Putting point efficiency: It refers to the test data of the 10mm PCD strip workpiece produced by the 7mm wide PCD layer thickness of 0.5 element six or SFD.

Sharpening saw blade efficiency: Purchase E6 CTB010 composite blade cutter head, 300D outer diameter 300*2.2*3.2*30*60P PCD ladder flat tooth saw blade for grinding mm processing

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