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MD25i CNC EDM cutter sharpening machine


PCD tool processing and grinding
The MD25i is a discharge-corrosion sharpening machine designed and manufactured by condensing and processing of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) superhard tools. With high precision, high efficiency and CNC automation, the MD25i can grind high-precision and high-gloss tool edges in a short period of time.

Widely used in the production and grinding of various PCD tools such as PCD woodworking cutters for processing hard solid wood, medium lead plates, plywood, particle board, gypsum board, artificial marble, composite wood flooring, acrylic, plastic, Lyon alloy, melamine, Sickles, saw blades, wood floor knives, circuit board knives, and acrylic engraving tools.

Powerful standard configuration
※Using advanced industrial control machine, 17-inch LCD touch screen, WINDOWS CE operating system, embedded operation EDM sharpening five-axis CNC system, including 4 axes, 1 spindle. Three-axis six-direction machining, C-axis high-precision positioning.
※ X.Y.Z three-axis automatic tool setting, C# automatic measurement, and manual adjustment of four-axis position by electronic handwheel.
※The latest programming software can complete the electrode turning track programming of various tools.
※The electrode is shaped and turned on the line, and the machining process is automatically compensated online, which improves the precision of the shaped tool.
※PCD-specific energy pulse generator strictly controls the pulse width of the actual discharge, reduces the electrode loss, and makes the machined surface uniform. ·Micron-level high-precision bi-directional CNC stepless speed-regulating spindle, 360-degree rotation in the horizontal direction, not only can complete the radial back-angle machining of the in-disk tool, but also can complete the processing of the centripetal angle and the side back angle, and can also use the bowl shape. The electrodes are subjected to a more intensive tool grinding.
※High-precision, high-automatic automatic indexing device, combined with horizontal 360-degree rotation, vertical plus or minus 45-degree rotation, realizes automatic measurement of recording angle, and realizes one-time machining of multi-tooth cutter.

Machine parameter


X/Y/Z axis travel

250 × 150 × 200 mm

X, Y, Z axis resolution

1 um

C axis to the axis of rotation

0-360 degree

Bounce accuracy after C-axis mounting of the arbor


Sharpening straight tooth cutter diameter parameter


Mounting aperture

D20/D25.4/D30/D40/D60 and customized    mm

Online inspection of tool machining accuracy

< 0.03 mm

Discharge efficiency*

Processing depth 0 2mm less than 3 minutes

Cutting edge finish

Ra0.4 um

Discharge efficiency: refers to the cutting of the element six 10umPCD composite sheet into a 7mm wide cutter head 2. Omm is thick, the PCD layer is 5mm thick, and the working depth is 0.2mm less than 3 minutes.

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