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650GT High Speed Milling Machine


Cutting tool machining
The NHX650GT is a high-speed milling machine for milling, drilling and tapping. It is very advantageous for medium-sized milling and small-tool machining in complex parts. High-speed feed can process high-precision, highly dynamic, high-gloss knives in a short period of time.

Widely used in the production of various PCD cutters for hardwood, medium-lead, plywood, particleboard, gypsum board, artificial marble, composite wood flooring, acrylic, plastic, aluminum alloy, melamine, such as PCD woodworking cutters, woodworking Sickles, wooden floor knives, circuit board cutters, etc.

Technical Advantages:
※Taiwan's new generation 21 MA control system.
※High-speed and high-precision control, and high-speed corner deceleration to ensure excellent processing performance at high feed rates
※ The wear value can be modified during the processing to facilitate operation.
※The open interface is compatible with Mastercam, Cimarron, PE, UG, and other CAM software.
※Hardware diagnosis function, can detect the origin block, motor encoder, Z phase signal, remote 7 O connection status, motor encoder wiring and other signals.
※ The main structural parts are made of high-quality cast iron and made of unique casting gantry mechanism, which can ensure the long-term stability of mechanical precision.
※Japan THK guide rail, Japan Yaskawa servo system, and screw bearing are all P4 grade angular contact bearings for Japanese NACHI screw.
※The standard configuration repeats the positioning accuracy 2'' of the 4th axis, multi-axis linkage machining is fast and precise.
※ Inline 8 magazines, equipped with drilling and tapping functions, the manufacturing process is faster and more precise. The 1 kW high-power spindle and the 24,000 rpm spindle speed make the roughing and finishing of the cutter body more convenient.
※This machine's small and medium-sized cutting rapid traverse is especially suitable for complex tool body manufacturing, such as edge banding machine pre-milling body and small boring tool body.


Machine parameter


X/Y/Z axis travel

600 × 500 × 250  mm

working desk size

600 × 500  mm

Workbench maximum load

400    kg

Knife library

Inline eight

Spindle power

10 kw

Spindle speed

24000   rpm

Spindle shank form


Maximum knife diameter

16 mm

Drilling function


Tapping function


positioning accuracy




maximum throughput (XxZ)

640X180  mm

Machine dimensions


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