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  • Name: Carbide Saw Tips
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  • Time: 2017-07-07
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Grade introduction:

Soft wood grade choosing : L06, L06R, L06S
HDF LPB: R03, R04, R05
MDF : R066、L05、L10
Aluminum : LH6、R08
Frozen wood : L40K

Surface treatment:

Coating, pre-brazing, sandblasting, rolling & polishing.

Our advantages:

1.American standard: CWF,CWB,CWD,CWE,CWG,CWH
2.European standard: with/without seamless angle
3.Sizes in inch and mm are all available for all kinds of saw baldes.
4.V top saw blade: VWE, VWG, VWF USA standard.

Call us or email us for catalogue with details size.

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